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Yala National Park - Sri Lanka

Ruhuna National park or more affectionately known as Yala National Park, has been the most celebrated wildlife park in Sri Lanka for over a centuary. Yala is an ideal place to spot the ‘big four’ of Sri Lankan wildlife, the elephants, the sloth bear, the illusive leopard and the wild buffalo.‘Yala’ is the most prominent National Park in Sri Lanka with the highest density of leopard and many other wild animals.

‘Bundala’ and ‘Udawalawa’ are other Wildlife Sanctuaries situated in close proximity with Yala while ‘Lunugamwehera’ is a part of Yala National Park. The area all in all gives wildlife lovers a wide range of everlasting experience and memories.

A pair of binoculars is definitely recommended for getting close-up views of animals. Please do not litter, shout, take anything from the park or disturb the animals any way.

Why Yala Safari ?

Yala Safari is a dedicated ecotourism operator. We give our explorers adventurous and life-changing experience throughout the pristine wildness of southern Sri Lanka. We also help wildlife conservation with the aim of becoming a role model in socially, culturally, and environmentally.

Our team members are experts in their fields and are more than willing to impart their knowledge on wildlife and photography with you. For our game drives we use customized jeeps driven and lead who speak major foreign languages drivers/guides who are dedicated to helping you to seek out wildlife in the park. Our jeeps can handle every type of terrain, give an excellent view points for photographers, specially adapted for safari use with comfy seats.

'Let's escape to the wild with us and feel the difference in real widllife'

Morning Safari

Yala morning Safari makes oppertunities for you to see many animals specially many kinds of birds and listen to thier nice singing & movements.

Morninig safari begins at 05.00am and ends at 10.00am.

Evening Safari

Yala Evening Safari makes oppertunitis to see big animals roaming for hunting and nice sunset at yala national park.

Evening Safari proceeds; from 02.30pm to 06.30pm.

Five Twelve (5-12) Safari

Five Twelve Safari is for specially leapord lovers who come to Yala, Sri Lanka. Yala Safari also reccommends this safari for those who are willing to see more animals.

Five Twelve Safari begins at 05.00am and ends at 12.00 (noon).

Full Day Safari

Full Day Safari is a combination of morning safari , evening safari and five twelve safari where you will have much time to see many animals while enjoying your meals inside the park .

Full Day Safari begins at 05.00am and ends at 06.30pm.